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Why do families pre-arrange?

Here are five questions you should ask yourself...

The subject of funerals is never easy to discuss. Arranging a funeral in advance can be a worthwhile experience in light of the impact your own death could have on those you love most. For this reason we have compiled, with the help of many people like you, the five most frequently asked questions voiced by people considering their own funerals.

  • If my death occurred tomorrow, my funeral would be arranged by ______.
  • If my death occurred tomorrow, the money needed to pay for my funeral would come from _______________.
  • If my death occurred tomorrow, I would want my funeral to include ____________.
  • If my death occurred tomorrow, I would expect my funeral to cost _____________.
  • If my death occurred tomorrow, what I would regret most regarding the arrangement of my funeral would be ____________.

We hope these five questions provide you with new insights as to how you can better prepare for the future. Please contact our staff for more information about funeral planning funded with the purchase of whole life insurance from Forethought Life Insurance Company or free funeral cost estimate.