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The following is a list of Special Packages of our services discounted with you in mind. They include professional services, the casket or container required for visitation or viewing, burial, entombment or cremation & Guest Book. You are in no way limited to these service options. You may itemize services in order to select only those which are right for you.

We want you to know that every Family's need is within reach. You can be more comfortable in choosing a more complete range of services. Ask our representatives about our "At NeedCredit" by Cogent Financial Group.
Rucker Family Infant Package
This Infant Package includes (Ages0-12):
  • Graveside Service - No Charge (Monday through Friday Only)
  • Chapel Service - $250.
  • Church Service - $550.
  • Saturday Service - $750.
  • Direct Cremation - $350.
  • This package do not include Casket or Limo Prices.
We Gladly Accept
$ 4,500.00
$ 4,000.00
$ 3,500.00
$ 3,500.00