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There are many facets of the Funeral ceremony that we insert personalization to commemorate the style of Life that was lived.
As an example. We provide a
Free FULL-COLOR CASKET PANEL for every family that we serve. They are made In-House and will have an image of the deceased with a graphic design to accent the casket.
Our mission is to serve each family with the highest quality that we can to assist in creating a ceremony that will be a credit towards a healthy healing Process.
In Summation, We cut NO CORNERS In our service to you.
We have assembled a State of the Art casket selection room that consist of a modern approach to the selection of a quality casket. Our Selection room does not have Caskets that are hanging down from Large Obtrusive Racks but are simply cut in quarters  and shown in an elegant soft light along with fabric samples and Images.
The Rucker’s Mortuary Family of Funeral Directors have served the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles area for over 65 years. Although there may be other Funeral Homes with similar services, Rucker’s Mortuary is
The only Funeral Home owned 100% by the Rucker’s family.
Urns are an important addition to a cremation service. They have lasting value and are a beautiful memorial for your loved one. Selecting the right urn is a personal decision and one that represents how an individual is remembered. Urns come in a variety of styles, materials, sizes and purposes. You can see a number samples urns on this page. Urns can be made of bronze, hardwood, marble, porcelain, cloisonné, brass, stainless steel and more. Urns can be personalized with names, dates, inscriptions and art work. Ruckers Mortuary has catalogs of urns and memorials for you to review and choose from. Click to view catalogue
The casket is the centerpiece of any funeral service. We at Ruckers Mortuary carry a wide range of caskets from leading casket companies in the United States. Our experienced and professional staff will assist you in finding just the right casket in your price range. There is no need to worry about the coordination of a third-party and no delivery charges. We have a sample of a number of caskets for you to review, but Ruckers has many other choices, and will deliver the casket you choose. Click to view Selection

Polished granite is also one of the most durable products of nature. Earthman offers granite memorials in a variety of color variations. Memorials and markers come with a granite base and provide a beautiful and lasting tribute that can be personalized in many ways. Choose from individual memorials that mark a single grave or lawn crypt, companion memorials that are used for side-by-side spaces or vertical companion memorials that are used to mark double-depth graves or lawn crypts. You may also choose a memorial with a vase that allows your loved ones to bring and display flowers at a visit.
The burial vault is a sealed outer burial receptacle which protects against moisture, the weight of the earth, and the elements, in a subsoil situation.The most common form of interment today remains underground burial. Many cemeteries require the use of an outer burial receptacle designed to receive the casket and capable of withstanding the weight and pressures of the earth above and around it. This requirement is essential for the beautification and continued maintenance of the grave and the cemetery. Ask about the many options we have available for protecting the remains of your loved ones.
VJ Memorials - Granite & Bronze Memorials for all Cemeteries