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What is Grief?
Grief is the emotional, physical and mental condition brought about by the loss, or the death of a love one. It is a natural ability to heal our emotional, physical and mental injury resulting from a loss. Grieving is never easy and many times the assistance of family & friends, clergy, counselors is needed. Grieving is a personal process that vary in the amount of time it takes to resolve the various issues resulting from the loss. It can take as much as one year and in some cases two years to move through the grieving process. The bereaved must consciously take action to move through the grief process as they are ready but in a healthy & normal manner.

A person can "resolve" their grief and move again into a normal, happy, healthy and satisfying life. By "Resolution" it means that the emotional pain of the death no longer controls your day to day activities and that you are once again able to develop a perspective on your life which is a positive, healthy and future-oriented. There will be moments when something will trigger a temporary emotional response to the memory of the loss of your love one in the same way that emotions are associated with other past events in our lives, but resolved grief means that you have been able to (re)construct a new "normal" daily lifestyle which is purposeful and satisfying without holding on to the deceased person. It is o.k. to grieve the loss of your love one but allowing yourself to move through that process.